Why Tote Bags Are Popular Trade Show Promos

There are literally thousands of promotional products to choose from, making it very difficult to find the right product to use to promote a business. It is not easy to give visibility to a business or to create awareness using your corporate message, especially when involved in trade show promos. So how to create a successful trade show giveaway item? What kinds of products are the most popular giveaways for today’s trade shows?

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Tote bags have always proved to be the most popular trade show promo items for various reasons. However, until recently, tote bags were perceived to be dull and uninteresting and were not considered favorable for promotional campaigns let alone trade show promos. Another factor that worked against bags was the prohibitive costs of making them into promotional products. All that has changed and the tide has swung in favor of tote bags making them popular trade show promo items for specific reasons vuori promo codes.

One of the reasons that have made custom printed bags become popular promos is the fact that they are environmentally friendly and there has been a growing trend in this area of environmental consciousness even among trade show attendants. Tote bags are also very convenient because when people attend conventions, they end up carrying many giveaway promotional items and these tote bags come in handy. With the availability of the tote bags anyone attending the trade show promos is able to carry whatever they are given at the events in the bags.

While many people might not consider the environmental friendliness of tote bags at the beginning, they will nonetheless use them to carry away whatever it is they have been given as promotional items. When they go home with such totes however, they begin to realize the functionality of such bags as they can use them anytime they want to go for shopping or for carrying any other items wherever they go. The convenience of these tote bags soon makes them a popular promo for a person who did not see their usefulness initially. At a second attendance at an exhibit promo there will be no hesitation on the part of the attendant to carry away the gift.

For companies that use bags as convention promos take advantage of the fact that these bags are light weight and convenient and very functional while at the same time environmentally friendly to advertise their business and this makes the bags very popular with the people attending the shows as well as the exhibitors at the show as this is a win-win situation.

Another reason why promotional bags are very popular with both companies and trade show attendants alike is the fact that the bags are very cost-effective. It is easy to purchase totes in bulk and drive a bargain at the same time. Tote bags are also very visible and can have a far and wide reach. They are attractive and come in many wonderful colors. They are very effective in the promotion of a company once they have been used as giveaway gifts in trade shows and exhibitions.

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