What to Consider When You’re Moving Companies in Dubai

Moving to Dubai has many advantages compared to moving to most parts of the world. If you are moving to Dubai on business or on holiday, there are many services available that make moving easier. Dubai is also home to many well-established moving companies that offer quality moving services at competitive prices.

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Before you start packing for a move to Dubai, make a list of what you no longer need, donate, throw away, etc. and start doing those things first. Then you should hire a moving company providing relocation services in Dubai first to understand their fees. Some sites will list moving companies in Dubai along with their rates but in all likelihood, you’ll get a much better idea of their price by talking to a representative of the company. Allowing a moving company to pack your personal goods for you makes the process much easier because they have the experience required to pack all your goods in such a way as to avoid damage to local laws regarding import/export of property.

Most expatriates prefer to move to Dubai directly rather than looking for a moving company in Dubai. This is mainly because it is easier and more affordable to directly approach a UAE national or local family or friend who is already resident in Dubai rather than approaching an international firm or organization which might not be as friendly or provide the best movers. However, some expatriates do choose to look for moving companies in Dubai using the internet or referrals from friends or relatives who have been relocated to Dubai. Either way, here are some tips to help you find the best movers for your relocation to Dubai:

o Search for Dubai moving companies through the World Wide Web. The web provides you with plenty of online directories, which can enable you to contact multiple companies. For instance, if you are looking for international movers, search on the web for “Dhabi Kebab Co”, “Dhabi Dar Saad Expatriate Relocation Services” or “Dubai International Moving & Storage Services”. These websites also have links for the websites of individual Dubai moving companies. If you are looking for a local firm, you can visit “Relocation UAE” to locate the nearest suitable firm in your location.

o Keep communication lines open with your family members and friends. You may have to change a number of people so that everyone knows where you are and when you expect to be moving to one place. When one person transfers your information to another person, you don’t want the new person to come to know of your absence. Communication lines are important to make sure that all your relatives and friends know of your current whereabouts.

o Do not move to a new city, if you haven’t finalized the final decision regarding the final destination yet. Moving companies in Dubai suggest several places to people who plan to move, and sometimes these suggestions become very attractive. However, if you have made up your mind to move to one of those places, and if you haven’t finalized your decision yet, then you should not proceed with the move until you’ve contacted the previously listed company to make us your moving representatives.

o Ask for the help of professional movers and packers. Moving companies in Dubai recommend three movers and packers to help you move into your new location. It is advisable to select the best moving company in Dubai based on the recommendations of these experts. Moving companies offer a wide range of services, such as packing and unpacking of items, loading and unloading of items at your new location, and transport of your belongings to your new location.

o Get the quotes from more than one moving companies in Dubai before making the deal. The price of a product or service, including the distance it has to be transported, has to be taken into consideration by the buyer. In some cases, such as with goods, where the distance between two destinations is short, moving companies in Dubai provide free pick-up and delivery of your products or belongings to your new home. However, in long journeys, such as between Dubai hotels and the emirate’s next door neighbor, you’ll have to pay extra for this extra convenience. Thus, when you’re comparing moving companies in Dubai, ask them about their cheapest price and make sure that the total price includes the charges for transportation between two destinations.

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