What an Engagement Ring Truly Means

The best way to ask for a girl’s hand in marriage is to present her with the most beautiful engagement ring one can get. And when it comes to rings, nothing else comes close to a diamond set in fine jewelry.

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The whole ritual of a proposal is certainly one of the most highlighted events in any courtship. Dating all the way back to the ancient Romans, the tradition of presenting engagement rings to women has a multitude of symbolic layers. Just like the wedding band, rings are the betrothal jewelry of choice as it represents the eternal circle – a never-ending bond. With no beginning and no end, a ring illustrates eternal love.

The metal used for the band has changed over the centuries. Earlier, gold was the popular choice of many, but because this metal is not able to withstand daily wear and tear reliably nhẫn mỹ là gì, more and more people are now making the switch to using platinum, or even white gold for an engagement ring. Compared to gold, fine platinum jewelry is much more durable, able to withstand any dents and scratches over its lifetime while keeping its original beauty. Such type of durability has also become more symbolic as it signifies the ‘strength’ of the couple’s love.

Now when it comes to the stone, a diamond has become the traditional and most popular choice. There are different shapes of diamond that are available to be set in an engagement ring, each representing a type of personality and character of the bride-to-be. Symbolizing purity, endurance and longevity, this gemstone can only be scratched by one of its own, and its popularity can be linked to its strength and durability, both fine traits to represent a marriage.

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