Water Taxis – The Way of the Future?

Viewed nowadays as a quaint, touristy and somewhat practical way of transferring from Venice airport, water taxi vehicles may one day be attributed for their true importance as the future of transportation in the City of Light! And should you think we are exaggerating, just look at the facts below for irrefutable proof of these vehicles’ essential role in the city’s future!

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A – Venice is sinking. Slowly, yes, but the proof is in the pudding. Sea levels have been rising, and pretty soon there will be more land than water. If you’re a resident of La Serenissima, you will be wanting to leave your house by that point, and get somewhere safe, like Venice airport. Water taxi boats are much swifter than gondolas, and much sturdier. They will undoubtedly be the vehicle of choice on such an occasion.

B – Gondolas are made of wood. Think about it. Gondolas are made of wood. Wood rots when it gets wet. Gondolas are permanently in water, and some of them have been for decades sgx sgx nifty 50 index futuresnifty. Five coats of lacquer can only take you so far. Venice airport water taxi vessels, as well as those of other, similar services around town, are likely to take the place of the aging gondolas in upcoming years.

C – There aren’t that many bridges. Say, fancy walking half an hour to the next bridge over the Grand Canal, of which there are only three? This type of service can take you anywhere in the city, at any time, without having puny things such as bridges to condition them.

D – They make for great getaway cars. Water taxis are a great way to escape unpleasant situations. Say, for example, you’re afraid of birds: when you’re in Piazza San Marco and the pigeons start flocking in droves, just board one and you’ll be safe inside a plane (away from the birds!) in next to no time!

E – Cab drivers don’t get lost. While even the most accomplished of map-readers and trackers may not be able to find their way around town or back to Venice airport, water taxi drivers, like all cabbies, are paid NOT to get lost. So just get in one of those nifty vehicles, take your sightseeing tour or get where you want to go, and don’t worry about going around in circles for two hours!

So as you see, our theory about water shuttles being the way of the future wasn’t all that farfetched, was it? Based on the evidence on display, it would indeed seem as though these vehicles are poised to become the kings of transportation within the City of Water!

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