The Most Romantic Ways to Propose

Everyone has watched romantic movies before and seen the multiple storybook ways that people have proposed to their counterparts. Some of them are highly romantic, a few are quite sappy unfortunately but for the most part they are all extremely creative and would indeed leave a life long lasting memory. Naturally, having seen this occurrence take place on the silver screen your whole life or having heard about real life interesting marriage proposals, you want to propose to that special someone in a way that will not only bring a smile to their face but leave a great memory and conversational story. In case you are running low on marriage proposal ideas or just want to compare some to the one you have come up with, check out the following ideas and picture you acting them out for your companion 분당스웨디시.

Does your loved one get home from work after you and leave before you? A great idea would be to leave a handwritten marriage proposal and ring on his/her pillow after they go to work. The handwritten letter will leave a nice touch and you’ll probably either receive a pretty interesting phone call or text message while at work and ultimately come home to a very happy significant other. It might make for a long day at work though so unless you have a lot of patience this might not be the best option for you.

Another great marriage proposal idea and a pretty romantic one is as follows. Spread rose petals all over your bed as well as the floor leading up to the bed. Tell him/her that you’ve gotten them a special gift and wrap the ring inside of a relatively large box on the bed along with a note. Make sure the note will get reached before the ring and on it explain that their gift is you for the rest of their life. If you pick an innocuous day to do this on it could come as a complete surprise, adding to the romanticism inherent in the proposal itself. If you and your companion have been talking about marriage a lot lately then it probably isn’t the best method of proposal as it could be somewhat obvious.

A sensual and intimate way to propose involves a massage followed by a subsequent foot massage and an unexpected place to slip the ring. Give your significant other the most sensual and romantic massage of your relationship. Incorporate oils, music, and lighting if possible and after the full body massage focus on a foot massage that ends with you slipping the ring on her toe. She’ll probably be so entranced by the massage that she won’t notice, which leads to a great surprise when you inform her to check her foot and upon doing so there is a nice shiny engagement ring.

By far the most romantic and long lasting method of proposal is the following. A pretty high tech proposal idea that is bound leave a lasting memory is creating a proposal web site. Either design it yourself or have a graphic designer design a blog for your companion that is filled with various pictures and videos of your life together thus far, funny stories, and of course your marriage proposal. The web address can be something unique to your companion and yourself and with web site hosting relatively expensive you could simply opt to keep the web site running forever as a digital memory of the day you proposed. You can really build a detailed web site this way and the possibilities of content are limitless. As your life together progresses towards a family, the web site can them be utilized as a way to display family photos as well and is essentially turned into an e-photobook of your marriage starting from the very moment you proposed.

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