The Brain: What Do We Really Know and How Far Can We Take It?

The brain. The central figure in human existence that has made our great leaps into becoming the most dominant species in the planet possible. The immensity and complexity of our brains, together with the biological advantage of opposable thumbs, set us apart from animals who are, as far as we know, incapable of intelligent thought. It has given us more than just instincts or medium term memory, but brain performance that has given birth to the pyramids, the Aztec culture, right up to nano robots and space technology. The sheer number of advancements that we have made as a specie, a very young one at that, has been a product not of our physical prowess, but of our noggins.

But do we really know our brain that well? Do not be surprised if you hear that we barely know how our brain functions. Your brain performance is not a motor function like that of the heart, nor is it chemically quantifiable like the process our liver goes through. The knowledge that we have as to how our brain works is unfortunately very little; we know that the synapses that let us do the amazing things Sonavel that we do with our brain are electrical in nature, we know the zones and uses of the different parts and zones of our brains but as to a complete and factual understanding of brain performance and what makes it tick, we are vastly lacking.

People falsely say that we only make use of 10 percent of our brain’s actual capabilities. Science fiction writers have always imagined the superhuman things a person who has complete access to his brain’s capabilities can do. But, as we continue to try to do more things in shorter times, what things can really affect brain performance? There are a lot ways to so; from our daily nutrition and consumption of nootropics, to the environmental stimuli that you experience each and every day – there are a lot of things that can stimulate your brain or slow it down. Stress is one such factor. Without training and care, you can only operate on a high mental level for short periodical bursts, even though our work and societies’ high demands require that we keep focused and sharp for a very long time. The field of neuroscience is developing rapidly though, and as brain supplements and nootropics will continue to develop, the capacities of our brain will only grow.

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