Songplugger Or Music Publisher – Which is the Better Choice to Pitch Your Song?

Should you sign your song with a music publisher or with a songplugger and what’s the difference? These are many ways to get your songs to people in the songwriting industry who have the connections to turn them into hits. But in this article we’ll look at just two of those methods: having your song pitched by a music publisher and having it pitched by a songplugger. We’ll then explore which is the better choice in a given situation.

Not every music publisher looking for songs is looking for freshly written material from independent songwriters 2022 music download. Some music pubkishing companies function purely as copyright administrators of previous hits while others have enough staff writers to meet their needs.

But someindependent music publishers do indeed seek song material from independent songwriters to build their song catalog.

The best part is that music publishers don’t charge a songwriter anything up front. If they think your song is a potential hit they’ll offer you a single song contract and if you sign, will pitch the song to their contacts in exchange for a share of future royalties.

Other advantages to the music publisher route include that they sometimes pay advances against future royalties, many even hire staff writers, and most aren’t just looking for a song for a specific artist but rather for good songs in general to add to their catalog for future opportunities. You don’t need to do a vertical pitch, any great song will do just fine.

Songpluggers typically charge an upfront fee to pitch songs to their contacts. They are working for you and in my experience most of them (not all) will pitch anything you pay them to promote. Maybe they didn’t start out with that philosophy, but everyone has bills to pay. That’s not to say they can’t do the job, just be aware they may be biased.

I also suspect that some pluggers have such low standards they’ll accept any quality of song and demo. It’s impossible they’re actually pitching songs to anyone who could help you because the first time they wasted a big name music professionals time on an obviously subpar song pitch would be the last time that door would be open. And there aren’t that many open doors.

So assuming your plugger is a rare one that will actually do as they claim, which avenue- publisher or plugger- is better?

It depends on the song. If you have a surefire hit that you believe will be quickly signed by a music publisher and pitched hard, or you think the song is right for an artist on a label a publisher has had success with in the past, then give that music publisher, or music publishers in general, the first opportunity to sign it.

The advantages include the lack of fees, the fact that the publisher is getting behind the song because they love it, not for money and expanded opportunities: once the song is in their catalog they’ll keep pitching it, usually for many years, as projects come up.

If you have a song that you absolutely believe in that has been declined by several music publishers, or you have a song you’re positive will be difficult to place with a publisher then it may be time to try the songplugger route. Another compelling reason to go with a songplugger is when you need to reach a specific contact a plugger has exclusive access to.

You may wonder why you can’t simply pitch your own songs. In some cases you can. But that decision will shut you out of a lot of pitching opportunities.

It’s common here in Nashville for music publishers or songpluggers to have a working relationship that has extended into personal friendship with A&R people at the companies on Music Row, or even with the actual recording artist, and therefore have an “in” with someone who may not accept unsolicited material but will listen to anything their friend feels is appropriate.

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