Selling Futures Options Can Be Very Profitable

Safe income can be earned if you are smart when selling futures options. How do you become smart? Learn as much as you can about the commodities market specifically futures options and how to sell them.

Do you know that over 80% of futures options expire worthless, meaning they have no value at expiration? How would you like to be the individual pocketing that premium instead of paying out for it? You can be if you follow a few simple rules. The rules aren’t hard to understand and here they are:

You want to have your futures account with a very good and reliable online broker.

You want to be monitoring futures markets that are trending.

You want to sell options in favor of the trend, i.e. If the trend is bullish you want to sell puts, if the trend is bearish you want to sell calls. The trend is your friend.

You want to be out of the money when you sell your option, far out of the money is better.

You want to be looking for options with a low delta.

You want to be sure there is enough open interest in the 선물옵션option you are monitoring.

You want to be selling options with plenty of time before expiration.

You want to be sure that the premium you receive is worth the risk.

You want to have a rule set up to handle losses, because there will be losses, that I can guarantee, this is the money management portion of your trading plan.

These rules work for selling futures options naked. This type of investing allows you to leverage your money to make money. Futures investing is very risky but so is crossing the street. If you look both ways and follow the traffic rules you can cross the street safely, in futures options trading you can make a lot of money by following the rules. Yes, there will be losses but the smart trader always keeps there losses circumscribed. Trading, specifically selling futures options will generate losses from time to time but overall you can expect to make a lot of money if you follow the rules.

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