Removing Pet Stains From Carpet

Most pets are very well behaved and would never intentionally go where they weren’t suppose to, but accidents can happen and it is best to be prepared. The quicker you get the accident cleaned up the better chance you have of completely eliminating any smell or stain.

The moment you find the mess, you need to immediately get to work on it. If the accident is fresh, start by cleaning up any waste and then blotting the stain with an old rag, paper towel or anything absorbent. Continue blotting until you can get no more liquid out of the stain area. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, it might be helpful to take one of the accident covered towels and place it in the location your pet should have gone – this is a particularly good idea for puppies and kittens that are being house or litter box trained.

Once the area is as dry, it is suggested you rinse it with cool clear water and than again blot it as dry as possible. If you have a wet vac you can even use it to get as much moisture out of the carpet as possible. Next, you should use one of the following cleaning remedies Poop Scooper Michigan.

Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner. It is cheap, readily available and contains no harmful chemicals that could hurt you, your pet or the environment. On tough stains you can use it full strength or on milder stains use a 50/50 vinegar water mix. Put the vinegar directly on the stain than blot dry. Do not rub the stain as you could make it worse. The smell of vinegar may fragrance your house for the rest of the day, but better that than the smell of the mistake.

Baking soda can also be used in removing the stain. Pour enough of it on the stain to completely cover it and than let sit for a couple of hours. It should draw the stain out and help to eliminate any odours. A quick vacuum and its all cleaned up

Some mild dish soap and water can also do a good job. Pour it on the stain, blot till dry and than rinse with cool clean water and reblot.

If the carpet is one that can be easily picked up, simply running it under the tap or garden hose can be a huge help. If it happens to be a small enough rug that you can put it in the washing machine, it is recommended that a laundry soap made special for baby diapers be used.

There is also tons of pet stain cleaners and smell removers available in pet and department store everywhere. Some of these cleaners work amazingly. Unfortunately many are quite expensive and a large amount of them are filled with chemicals that are not the best for either your pet or your family.

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