Player-Character #14 – Judy the Joiner

Sometimes we coaches forget that some of our kids really want, and may need, to join up with a group of their peers. The activity itself may be secondary to their having good, non-threatening experiences in a controlled situation. Or maybe they need to have some identity with a group.

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That seems to be the case with Judy. She was contacted by other teams including the one she played on last year. Why did she ask to join our team? She is plenty good enough to make the team, in fact she should be on the starting lineup. The strange thing is that Judy doesn’t seem to care about getting into the game. She is content to practice hard and join the group in all the fun they have before, during, and after practice. She is happy to keep the stats, to take care of the equipment, and to lead cheers (and she’s good at that). She doesn’t bug you about getting in like the other bench sitters — what’s the deal here?

You have asked her if she wants to start a game and she says, “That would be O. K. but I don’t want any of the starters to be disappointed. I’m happy to get in and play once in a while judi depo gopay. “

Maybe there’s a clue in her Parents’ Inventory: Geno, her dad, said that she is really happy being with this team. She had a bad experience last year with a coach who put a lot of pressure on everybody to win at all costs. Some of his tactics bordered on cheating and definitely were bad sportsmanship.. Anyway, Geno also said something while you were sitting in the stands waiting for your game to start. Let’s see, he said “Judy needs to be with people she likes.” “We heard that the players on the teams you have coached in the past got along very well together and enjoyed playing together.” and “Your teams always looks like they were having fun while they were playing.”

Well, Coach, you have a peer group and the word is out that it’s a positive peer group. Kids will be coming to play on your team simply because there is a strong, wholesome environment there. Parents are also looking for positive peer groups for their children. You certainly won’t have any trouble filling up your roster..

What to do: Keep doing what you’re doing and keep reminding yourself that you are a vital part in the growth of these kids. Above all, relish the joy of the players, the team, and the game. And if or when Judy decides to change her role with the team, you and the rest of the Falcons are ready to welcome her.

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