Mink Eyelashes: Get a Dramatic Natural Look

Mink eyelash extensions are typically made of real mink fur from the mink mountains of Australia. Mink fur has been used for centuries for everything from clothing to fur coats. It is also used for the trimming of fur coats and gloves. Minks are tiny mammals indigenous to both North America and Europe and usually form a part of the same furry family as weasels, otters, and minkeds. Perhaps you’re probably wondering why folks began using this fur as part of false eyelashes for beautification purposes?

mink eyelashes

There’s really no mystery to it. Mink hair grows very densely and only grows in dense clusters. Because of this, the hair is very insulating which helps to keep warm air close to the skin. The fur also acts as a heat sink which keeps the inside of the false lashes cool during warm days. This insulating quality of mink eyelashes gives them an advantage over other artificial lashes on the market today.

As with all types of milk products and hair, there are a few things you need to know before going out and purchasing these beautiful eyelash enhancers. You need to be aware that not all mink eyelashes look the same. Some are going to be thicker than others. The coloration could vary as well. So, just like with any other type of hair or beauty accessory, you need to know what to look for when you go out to buy your new mink lash extensions.

One thing to look for is whether or not the mink extensions are capable of producing natural looking curls. There are several different kinds of curl types. Some of them are very fine and very curly, while others are very straight and very long. The more curl, the longer the lashes.

Mink lashes are usually manufactured using the most popular protein fiber, called Functional Keratin. This fiber is similar to human hair, but it is highly resistant to heat and has an extraordinary ability to adhere to the cuticle of each lash. Because of its incredible strength, mink fur is the only material capable of creating these wonderful curl patterns. Mink fibers can either be virgin, dark colored, or baby pink. The purer the colored mink fibers, the more durable and longer the lashes will last. Korean silk lashes are some of the most durable and longest lasting of any type of mink extensions.

The main difference between natural mink lashes and those that come from a laboratory is that a lab created lash is not able to generate the curl pattern that comes from within the follicle. The main difference between natural and laboratory made lashes however, is that a natural mink lash is generally longer lasting than its laboratory created counterpart. Mink hair is also more prone to tangling, so care must be taken to remove tangles before they begin to reduce the appearance of your lashes. The length of time that your mink lashes last depends upon several factors, including the quality of your manufacturer, the amount you buy, and the use you give them.

In order to help you achieve the longest possible length, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. To begin with, when putting on magnetic mink false eyelashes, use an adhesive eyelash band. This will keep the eyelash band in place once it is removed during the course of your day.

If you want to have beautiful dramatic false eyelashes, the best kind are the ones that come in sets. These are often sold as a package deal, which means that you get not only one set but two. Within these packages are two different lengths of lashes, one longer and one shorter. You can choose the length that gives you the effect you are going for, whether that is something that will make you appear more serious or more playful. If you want to have natural looking eyelashes, then a mink false lash set is the way to go.

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