Mastering Extra Sensory Perception

Processing Psychic Information Skills

Active Precognition vs. Creative Imagination

Be actively involved in the interpretation of your extra sensory perception process, receiving precognitive information versus your creative imagination:

o Take responsibility for keeping a journal, recording your insights, recognizing what you do and don’t know, and knowing how to ask the correct questions in your mind to help you with what you don’t know.

o Set up your personal session every day and take complete notes. Formulate your questions based on simple direct visual examples.

o Be an active participant, using your ESP in your daily affairs. Get ahead every day; try to perceive some of the events and circumstances, the day before. Anticipate what the challenges are and what your next step will be to achieve your desired results.

o Ask questions in your mind, record answers in your journal! Try to change your vision; you can alter the vision if it is your imagination. You can not alter precognitive information.

o Good exercise habits with your ESP everyday makes Derma Prime Plus  it easier to master and control your ability.

Exploring ESP is Different from Exploring Other Subjects

o Mastering your psychic abilities is learned by putting them into action. Questions help you learn to access and develop various techniques such as derma optic perception, radiesthesia, remote viewing to name a few. You do need to explore these skills even though you may not specialize in them.

o A word of encouragement: Each skill builds on other ones. You’re always reviewing previous psi exploration as you explore new data. Many of these skills are interconnected. Identifying and learning these basic skills and concepts means you will move from one technique to the other in obtaining accurate information in predicting and problem solving at will.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving (ESP and Self Testing)

o When you work on problem solving for yourself or others, ask yourself complete and specific questions, as if you were describing every detail of a landscape. Don’t just ask vague questions like, “will I get a promotion soon?” Reword the question to identify who, what, where and when; don’t just do some mental demonstration of your imagination to convince yourself that you have the correct answer. If you can’t get the answer, go back to describing the question.

o The practice you get in looking for solutions, asking yourself detailed questions and receiving answers will help you in gain the confidence you need in psychically reading anyone or any situation.

Tips on Problem Solving

Apply Self Testing:

1. The first and most important step in solving a problem is to test your psychic information, that is, identify exactly which is the imagination, wishful thinking or desired result, by making sure you are receiving accurate psychic data.

2. Next you need to devise a plan, that is, identify which skills and techniques you have developed can be applied to solve the problem at hand.

3. Psychically scan practical solutions adjacent the problem.

4. Activate the solution: Does the solution you found seem practical and doable? Also review the problem by asking yourself questions and method of solution.

Some problem-solving strategies: use one or more skills, consider derma optic perception if the problem involves an object, try remote viewing if the problem suggests a determined time and location, ask yourself and test yourself , draw a picture or diagram of what you are psychically receiving, work radiesthesia, use the solutions of your psychic conclusions.

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