Loving Your Body After Breast Surgery

For many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, 乳房外科 one of the scariest thoughts is what they will look like after breast surgery. Breast surgery, in the form of either a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, is a common and often effective method of treating breast cancer. Having the surgery can be life-saving and is a smart choice when advised by your doctor, but this doesn’t stop you from being worried about what your appearance is going to be like once the surgery is done and you are back on the road to recovery.

It is natural and normal to be concerned about how you look, especially since breasts are often viewed as a part of being feminine and because women so often do not want people to immediately be able to tell they had cancer. Fortunately, you do have many options to help you feel good about your body after breast surgery.

Feeling Good About Your Body After Breast Surgery

One option that some women choose after breast surgery is to have reconstruction work done. Unfortunately, this can be painful and costly and it may not be the right choice for you after you have already undergone the process and stress of cancer treatment.

Surgery is not the only option after breast surgery and it is not necessarily even the best option. There are plenty of other ways to help restore your pre-cancer look so you can feel good about how you look when you get dressed. In fact, one of the options that many women choose after breast surgery is the use of breast forms.

Breast forms are made of a variety of different materials, including silicone, foam and polyfil. They can come in different shapes and sizes so that you are able to find forms that fit you well and that look as if you had your natural breast.

It is possible to get breast forms both for lumpectomies and for mastectomies. You can even choose whether you want your breast forms to be asymmetrical or symmetrical, which means that you can really tailor the look to your own body and your own needs.

In addition to standard breast forms, other options include partials, shell forms, shapers and even swim forms. This means that you can wear your breast forms even when you are going to the beach or to pool parties so there is never a time when you need to be unhappy with how you look or worried about people perceiving you as ill.

In addition to breast forms, you may also wish to consider other products designed to help you look and feel better after breast surgery. Mastectomy bras, for example, come in both strapless and with-straps and are specifically designed to cater to the bodies and needs of women after breast surgery.

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