Information on Hearing Aid Batteries

The manufacturer has made it as easy as possible for consumers to match their batteries to their hearing aids. They have come up with a color coded system. You should find a colored tab located on the back of your old battery. It might be a good idea to write it down in if you are not able to check the old battery. The color changes in relation to the different sizes available. The color coding system has become standard in recent years. Size 675 is blue, 312 yellow, 13 orange and 10 yellow.

It is reassuring to know that it is easy enough to find the right size batteries but where do we get them. The more common types of batteries can be found at your local drugstore. These batteries can also be seen in the electrical section of large department stores Sonus Complete such as Wal-Mart. Another good place to find them is electrical outlets such as Radio Shack.

Your audiologist may also know of a reliable outlet. It can be risky to buy a hearing aid online but it is less risky when it comes to the buying of batteries online. It is very convenient to have them sent to your address. If you buy batteries in bulk you will save on the cost of shipping. There are lots of websites that offer this service. An example is sonus. com

Battery testers are available if you want to buy one. This is a device that has proved to be very useful to users of Hearing Aid. It is essential that you know when to change the batter because the quality of your sound depends on the power of the battery. It is not always easy to tell when the battery is running low. If you have a battery tester it will show you immediately whether or not a battery has enough power.

These devices can also be used to ‘troubleshoot’. You could be changing the battery unnecessarily. The actual problem with the hearing aid might not the battery at all. It may be the unit itself. If your battery seems to be wearing down too fast this could be the reason. The tester will determine this and it will save you money in the long run, not to mention the inconvenience of interrupted quality of sound.

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