How to Perform an Employees Evaluation

Employees evaluation is considered as a primitive art in the administration of any business. However, at the present time, even the most sophisticated agencies are not satisfied with the way they practice their methods when it comes to appraising their workers, particularly in improving them. The dynamics of a single individual in judging another apparently causes the displeasure and doubt that the whole process is objective and effective. This is why there is a need for a good system for individual performance assessment so that it will serve as an organizational development in promoting the productivity of the company.

You can choose the technique that your company will be using in employees evaluation. Multiple systems have been developed for appraising workers but there are a few methodologies that stood out. One of which is through a worker appraisal form. This can be found online or your own organization can make up its own form. This is typically a questionnaire or a checklist that enables you to evaluate the performance of your employees how to write a cause and effect essay.

Another is through essay, which a manager or an observer will provide the details about his or her impressions regarding the employees. The essay includes the strengths, weaknesses, the development needs and the chances of getting promoted of an employee. The problem with this is that this is very time consuming and probably the one that requires the most significant amount of time because of its being unstructured. However, this works great for managers who gives high confidence to their supervisors as well as for employees who tolerate ambiguity.

Another common technique right now is the critical incident system for individual performance assessment. This requires good writing skills as supervisors keep daily logs of the performance and activity of each employee. The major advantage here is that it is very specific and tackles the employees one by one. The disadvantage here is that it does not eliminate inconsistency and subjectivity of the appraiser. Apart from that, there are some workers who can be hostile once they find out that their managers are keeping track of what they are doing and writing them down on the “black book.”

Forced distribution ranking is also a popular means for employees evaluation. This method is used by supervisors to rank their workers relative to one another. This system overcomes their inclinations of being overly lenient or critical. Based upon the quality of the work of the employees, they will be listed whether they are at the top or at the bottom. When there are a lot of people that should be graded, the management can use a particular percentage for every work group.

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