Fall Shimmer and Autumn Shimmer, Two New Artists of Stone Tomb Fine Arts

The Stone Tomb Fine Arts includes carving, photography, art, pottery, architecture and sculpture. It is a network of artists that are dedicated to bring the beauty of nature to life on a small scale. Each artist specializes in a particular style of landscape and each one brings his own artistic flair to the project. This network has formed due to their mutual love of all things natural and have spent years perfecting their skills. They have brought their passion for the marvelous to life in a beautiful show.

The concept was conceived as an online organization in 2020 by Peter Johnson and Mark Langdon. These two fine art enthusiasts felt that it was important for people who are interested in landscape art and those who enjoy fine art to come together on a common platform. They also wanted to share their love of life on a large scale and bring as many different artists into the network as possible mo da cong giao. The artists involved in this wonderful organization are:

Autumn Shimmer is a landscape artist that has created several landscape paintings. Autumn leaves play over the field in the painting and Autumn leaves are reflected in the water. This artist has a wonderful talent for creating natural scenes with large scale art. Other artists that can be found in The Stone Tomb Fine Arts include Autumnproof, Benitoite, Billington, Brandywine, Chappell, Cloud, David, Emmel, Fahrenheit, Flint, Hays, Jimmy Jameson, John Paul Jones, Josephine, Luke, Martin, Myrtle, Monet, Painting Woman, Myrhaphtha, Orchard, Pinter, Ramona, River Song, Sedan, Silversmoke, Stela, Stone Age, Stonehenge, Stormcloud, Summertime, Take Me Home, Thorns, Turnstiles, Unwed, Vinci, Wildflowers, Winter Trees, Witch, Wintersmoke, Woodland Scenics and much more.

Another great artist, who also contributes to this wonderful organization is Autumnproof. She is a professional in the landscape painting industry. Her artwork is beautiful and breathtaking. She also specializes in watercolor and oil.

Benitoite also contributes to the group. She specializes in watercolor and is an expert in creating beautiful landscape paintings. She is very creative and loves to do everything by hand. She also enjoys painting traditional Mexican landscapes.

These three talented artists are at the top of their field and they produce some of the best landscape paintings that are available. You will enjoy the beauty that they bring to your home when you add these fine art pieces to your interior decorating plans. You will love all of the hard work that goes into making each one of these beautiful works of art. You will also enjoy the fact that these artists are willing to take chances and try new things to bring you new and exciting pieces of art.

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