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Syphilis, a venereal disease caused by a virus, can be transmitted through intercourse. If you have been exposed to the virus, you should know that you can get treated. STD testing at home offers several options to protect yourself from contracting the condition. These include:

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The earliest STD that many people get tested for is chlamydia. This STD can usually be treated with antibiotics and is common in young women. You can get tested for chlamydia at any time, although most centers do not offer routine screening for this disease. You typically need to go to your primary care doctor once you turn age 14 to be tested for Syphilis My Labs.

There are other STD testing options you can look into at-home. Gonorrhea and HIV are two of these conditions included in STD testing at home. These two STD can be tested for with the use of gonorrhea testing kits and HIV testing kits. These STD kits vary in price; you can buy these kits for less than $100.

Many of the at-home test kits are not portable. You typically have to bring them around with you to the doctor so they can check for symptoms. If you test negative during a visit to the doctor and then decide later to go back for another test, you will need to have the results sent to your primary care doctor, and he will review your results and order a second examination.

A Quest Direct testing system lets you get results via an online server rather than having to go to your doctor. When you order your product online, you choose a privacy policy, and you can pay using a credit card or PayPal account. You can order one free year of unlimited blood tests and up to three month’s worth of STD tests. The first set of results via the internet is usually free, and you will receive an email confirming that your order was received. You will be able to complete your order, and print out your results via your own printer.

At home testing for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can be done using any number of different STD testing kits. For instance, one of the most common STD tests called the rflorox test can be used for both gonorrhea and chlamydia. Other products include the swab test, genital skin tests and blood tests. Depending on if your symptoms are associated with an STD, you may have to undergo more than one type of STD testing.

For many people who are dealing with STD symptoms, an at home test is just what they need. It can save them a lot of time, money and stress. This way, you can start treatment right away and get relief and feel that you are protected from new infections. When you are living with an STD, it is always important to be tested. That way, if you ever need to be in contact with someone who is infected with an STD, you will know exactly who to stay away from and who not to.

Even if you are dealing with mild symptoms or do not feel any symptoms at all, it is a good idea to be tested. It might seem like a lot of work but in reality, all it takes is one test and you will know if you have ever been infected with a STD. There are many benefits when it comes to testing, especially when you consider that it could have been avoided. If you ever feel uncertain about whether or not you are positive, you can just take a test and find out. As long as you are careful, you can use Everlywell for the entire duration of your coverage.

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