Eco Christmas – Top Tips To A Green Christmas

As Christmas approaches once again, increasingly more and more of us are realizing the situation we and our planet face due to the effects of climate change. Whilst Christmas is a time for giving, eco-friendly, green gifts are becoming more popular for many people. Indeed, it is becoming clear that we simply cannot continue buying disposable items that use up precious resources if we are to sustain our well-being as humans and the planet as a whole.

Save money and the planet with eco-friendly Christmas decorations. Rather than plastic tinsel and baubles, how about decorating your home for Christmas with biodegradable ivy, holly and Drabuziai internetu berries? Simply drape over mirrors and picture frames for a natural alternative and a traditional Christmas atmosphere.

Rather than spending money and using resources for gift tags, a great use for old Christmas cards is to cut them up and re-use them as this years gift tags.

Most households will produce a lot of waste paper at Christmas, be sure to use this as an opportunity to recycle this waste paper. If the facilities exist in your community take advantage of this easy way to help preserve resources.

Over the past few years the availability of eco-friendly gifts for men, women and children has greatly increased. There are many online stores that now specialize in eco-friendly, sustainable gifts and gadgets, from eco-friendly beauty products to solar powered boys toys (gadgets always seem to be popular with men in many families, worldwide). Why not make this years Christmas a sustainable, eco-friendly celebration?

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