Advantages of Cherry Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is quickly becoming on the most popular flooring options worldwide. There are dozens and dozens of options available to anyone considering installing a hardwood floor. Depending on the colour the durability the grain etc there is a type of wood to suit almost any need. One type of wood that has been gaining particular popularity is cherry. Cherry floors are recognized for there dark warms tones and elegance. There are two main types of cherry hardwood floors available on the market today, American cherry and Brazilian cherry. This article will examine both types.

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American cherry wood floors are easy to spot thanks to their orange and light colours. American cherry floors are softwood so unlike traditional hardwood floors like hickory and maple they are not ideal for high traffic areas. American cherry is best suited to areas that experience gentle use. American cherry wood floors can be expensive, but this unique wood floor more than makes up for it with its exotic and elegant looks trĂ¡i cherry.

Brazilian cherry wood flooring is not actually from cherry trees but from a tree known as jatoba. It is called Brazilian flooring because it looks similar to American cherry wood. Brazilian cherry is harder and more durable than American cherry, so it is has no restrictions on the types of environments it can be installed in. In fact many industry experts and Brazilian cherry wood floor owners would argue that it is one of the toughest and sturdiest hardwood floors in existence. Brazilian cherry floors have a beautiful rich color and unique graining pattern that are quite desirable to many consumers. On top of that Brazilian cherry is much cheaper than its American counterpart.

While American and Brazilian cherry wood floors have their differences, they do get along great together. Many designers have elected to create a combination of these two diverse woods in one flooring system. By bringing together two species that literally grew thousands of miles apart you can create a very cool looking floor that is a reasonable price, durable and elegant. Basically you get the best aspects of each cherry floor. Mixed cherry hardwood flooring provides a warm feel of red tones that go well together and create a great relaxing room.

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