Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament Online Strategy – Stealing the Blinds Pt 1

Texas hold ’em poker online requires a different strategy in tournaments then in cash games. In tournaments you are only charged a fee ONCE, rather than every hand. In tournaments the blinds will raise so much that you will be unable to continue to play at the same rate, where as in hold ’em poker cash games, the stakes stay the same. As a result, you generally are not as deep stacked in tournaments as in cash games. This means that you can’t sit around and wait for a huge hand against another huge hand or a sucker willing to put his money in with top pair. Instead, you need a way to come up with some chips or the blinds and antes will eat you alive. This is why in any given Texas hold ’em tournament, you must learn the art of stealing the blinds.

While other poker games such as Omaha and Stud require you to play patiently only to gain a slight edge, no limit hold ’em is a game where the best players in the world can just steal pots after pot and get paid off big with minimal chance of being beat against your average home game tournament player. Many times this is because they understand the dynamics of tournament strategy tips.

Often when people are talking about stealing the blinds, they mean being the first one to make the raise, and trying to just take down the pot preflop without any sort of confrontation. Generally you want to attempt steals with decent hands, but not good enough hands that you would normally play under the current circumstances. They are hands that if you are raised, you will fold without thinking twice.

However, in order for your steals to be effective, you have to generally play a pretty tight strategy in a tournament, where you patiently wait for a very good hand. You want 홀덤사이트 your opponents to know that when you raise, most of the time you have a good hand. This prevents your opponents from wanting to play back at you.

So if you want your blind stealing attempts to scare your aware opponents, you are going to have to first play a solid hand range.

Here’s a hand range that you might consider when playing a hold ’em poker tournament… You may also play tighter, but generally this is a range that you will consider…

Hands that can withstand a re raise if you raise form late position. Ace-King, as well as a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces. (Sometimes Ace Queen, Ace Jack suited, pocket eights, pocket nines and Tens)

Hands that are strong enough to re raise after your opponent raises over your limp in. In addition to the hands above, 88, 77, Ace Jack suited. (Also sometimes 66, 55, Ace Ten suited, King Queen suited, Ace Jack, and King Queen possibly as well)

Hands that can CALL a raise if you limp in and are raised, assuming you are calling off less than 10% of your stack (should generally be done with over 30 big blinds): In addition to those above: Any two suited Broadway, any pair, any suited ace, (possibly suited connectors, Any suited Broadway card with a 9 as well) Broadway cards are any card Ten or higher.

So what does that leave? You may include the suited connectors and suited broadway cards with a 9 if you don’t include that in the hands that can limp and call a raise. It then leaves any two unsuited broadway cards, Any suited king, an ace or king with medium and low kickers, it leaves non suited connectors, it leaves suited 1 and 2 gap connectors (1 gap connectors like 97s, T8s, 57s, etc 2 gap like 96s, T7s, etc), It leaves high suited 3 and 4 gap connectors (J7s, Q8s, K9s, Ace Ten suited and even K8s, Q7s, J6s), it leaves high-medium 1, 2 and even 3 gap non-suited connectors J9, J8, J7, QT, Q9, Q8, T7, KT, K9. And possibly even some 1 gap unsuited connectors (86, 97). But many of these are trap hands, and should be played very cautiously if you hit something with them on the flop.

Generally if you are short stacked, you will want to steal with higher cards, with an ace or a king in your hand, because if you are shorter stacked and desperate, say around 16 big blinds, if you get called, and you hit, a single pair of kings or aces is good enough on the flop to go with. You probably won’t have much opportunity later, so you may just have to go with it and hope it’s good unless your opponent obviously has you beat. If your opponent likes to slow play, or is passive you can check it down, and maybe call one bet, or bet if you think your opponent will call with a worse hand, in many situations you just have to get it all in. The chances of your hand being best if you’re calling an all in might not be good, but your chances of advancing much longer in the tournament, without a double up, probably are much worse, and you can’t expect to get a better hand.

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