Tai Chi Bone Breaking

Although Tai Chi is best known for gentle movements that enhance the health of the practitioner, this same art can also be used to break the body in many different ways. Tai Chi has methods for breaking bones, vertebrae, entire limbs, and even internal organs. Although this might seem out of character for what is usually considered a peaceful and soothing art, it makes sense in light of the history of Tai Chi.

The last generation of Tai Chi masters in China such as Dr. Wu came from long family lines of Chinese medical practitioners. For example, Dr. Wu has a 500 year family history in the healing arts. These masters and their families studied arts such as acupuncture, Tui Na massage, bone setting, and other healing arts. Consequently, they and their families had a thorough knowledge of the body and how it works as well as it’s weaknesses. They put this knowledge to work as they developed and practiced their martial art.

One technique that has been highly developed in Tai Chi is the leverage bone break. The first way to use a leverage break is to use your own body weight applied in a specific way 跌打師傅 to your opponent’s body to break a bone. Some of the movements can be applied to a combat situation to get this kind of leveraged bone break include parry, Brush Knee, Needle Searches Sea Bottom.

Instead of using your own weight, you can also use an attacker’s weight in order to create a leverage bone break. Some Tai Chi forms that can be used this way are Wild Horse Tosses Mane, Cloud Hands and Carry the Cauldron.

And finally, instead of using one side of a lever or the other to create a break, you can use the fulcrum of the lever instead. For example, you can use Fan Through the Back and Grasp Sparrows Tail in this way. You can also use Wild Horse Tosses Mane and Carry the Cauldron to achieve this kind of break as well.

Breaking bones through leverage is only one method available to Tai Chi practitioners. It is also possible to use extension, hyper-extension, pressure, rotation, weight drop and impact. To really learn these techniques, and other body breaking techniques as well, you will not only need to learn the forms to use, but also how to correctly position your hands, shoulders, elbows, or torso in order to achieve the break. Once you understand these, you will need to be able to properly apply force and transfer your own weight and energy so as to properly break a bone.

Cricket Online Betting

Cricket is an enormous sport and the bookmakers are starting to notice. The amount of matches that are played each year are growing and so are the popularity and fan base of the sport. This in turn makes the market for online cricket betting bigger and bigger, and this is great for us who likes to bet on cricket online.

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For some time, the major sportsbooks online only carried the most well known sports worldwide, like soccer, basketball and the major american sports like the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. However, as the sports betting market started to widen, the amount of sports options offered to the customers started to increase, and soon more exotic sports were introduced and lines were offered on sports like water polo, online gaming, chess and cricket. Most of these sports have shallow markets or have been taken back, but cricket has started to garner a strong foothold and has shown an increase in betting options and depth เว็บหวย.

One can easily see that the market for cricket online betting has increased given that the limits the bookmakers offer have increased by a large amount. In addition does more and more smaller sportsbooks offer bets on matches from The Ashes, Twenty20 and so on. It is also noticeable by the fact that the amount of different betting options that have come available for the sport. Now you not only can bet on the individual matches, but also series wins, scores for individual players, bowling figures and many other so-called proposition bets that are too many to list.

If you want to enhance your cricket experience, what better way than to put some money up on a big match to get some excitement in your day. There is also the chance that you can make some money in the process as the cricket market are also quite young and if you have a way of analyzing the matches better than the bookmaker, you might be able to find many good bets. There are many reasons to be betting on cricket online.